Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cherry Blossom Love from Martha Stewart Weddings

I am just tickled pink right now! The current Martha Stewart Weddings Spring issue is all about "Pretty in Pink!" I think I read the whole magazine without blinking once! I am so in love with cherry blossoms, so this whole spread in the magazine was a real treat.

These beautiful delicate blossoms, also known as Sakura, are beloved by the Japanese. Their short blooming season symbolize the fleeting, ephemeral nature of things... like your wedding day. The exact date when these trees start blooming varies year to year and is difficult to predict. The average peak bloom date for is the first week of April and only lasts for a few weeks at most before they blanket the ground. If you're a very lucky bride with your stars all aligned, you might be blessed with all the many cherry blossom possibilities: bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, trimmings, flower girl petals, etc. And don't worry, you can't overuse these precious pink puffs.

Asian Inspired Weddings Cherry Blossoms
Image Credits: Martha Stewart Weddings


  1. love love love poofy pink cherry blossoms. this makes me want to move my wedding up to april. *sigh*

  2. the strawberry mochi balls are adorable :)