Monday, June 7, 2010

We're Big Fans of Asian Hand Fans

In Chinese and Japanese history, fans were a part of the social status for the people. They were used as accessories of aristocrats when formally dressed. They have since become known as an iconic symbol of Asian culture. The Japanese believe that the top of the handle of the fan symbolizes the beginning of life and the ribs stand for the roads of life going out in all directions to bring good fortune and happiness.

I love how fans are used in weddings to adorn the bride, just as flowers and jewels add elegant flair. Of course, I love the double duty that fans can employ ~ you can use it as an elegant accessory AND use it to fan yourself from the heat of the moment! So all you summer brides, keep in mind, fans would make a pretty, yet practical favor for your guests!

Asian Wedding Fans
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  1. for a summer outdoor wedding, fans are a no-brainer! love them!!

  2. that is so smart to have programs the shape of fans. i think it's embarassing and tacky when old asian people fan themselves in the middle of a formal event with whatever they can find when they are hot! lol. so this is the perfect solution :D

  3. THANK YOU for this website. I hope you have more stuff in the future. I love these ideas :)