Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ideas for Asian Inspired Wedding Invitations

Never underestimate the value of the invitation to create a buzz or excitement about your wedding! The wedding invitation serves a greater purpose rather than being the messenger of the regular old who, what, when, and where. It should also embody the tone and personality of the couple. If you're Asian and want to channel cultural traditions and influences then definitely include colors, symbols, or characters that have meaning to you, your fiancĂ©, or your families. 

The Double Happiness symbol is a favorite and can be easily incorporated into many designs for a Chinese wedding invitation. The Chinese also commonly use the Dragon and Phoenix, which are mythical creatures that represent the husband and wife in harmony.  There are countless other designs for an Asian inspired invitation, such as bamboo, cherry blossoms, and lanterns that give a hint for your guests to look forward to an Asian inspired wedding!  The options are endless, take a look at our awesome finds:

Asian Wedding InvitationsAsian Wedding Invitations
1.) Wedding Paper Divas  2.)  Hornbill Hill Etsy Shop 3.) Ruffhouse Art Etsy Shop 4.) Paper Blossom Design Etsy Shop 5.) Oslo Press 6.) Taylors Paperie Etsy Shop 7.) Dochelle Custom Creations 8.) Craft Master Invitations 9.) Minted 10.) Hello! Lucky 11.) H2 Cards 12.) ShinDigz 13.) Wedding Paper Divas 14.) My Design Sensations 15. ) Rexcraft 16.) H2 Cards


  1. thanks for these ideas. i really like the gold wrapped with ribbon

  2. Kim! It's Jocelyn. Your website is awesome. I'm glad you are able to turn your obsession with weddings into something productive. This is really a cool resource for Azn peeps. xoxo JC

  3. the bamboo wood invitations. wow, just wow!